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If you need a folding picnic table…

  We need a medium-sized, folding picnic table on which to display our brochures, business cards and other material at the Turriff Show. It needs to be fairly substantial and useable in the future as a picnic table. I could go and buy a £14.99 Chinese-made, flimsy picnic table from Asda or Tesco but that […]

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Libraries need to lift their game

If you go into any reasonably large town or city in the UK, the chances are you’ll find a couple of major bookstores with a broad selection of stock—if somewhat over commercial for some tastes, a lively atmosphere, possibly a cafe and a diverse crowd of customers. They might be part of major chains and […]

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Still processing rhubarb

We’re still working our way through our forest of rhubarb, but have switched from making jam to making chutney instead. This 4.5kg (10lb) batch of chutney uses our favourite rhubarb chutney recipe from Mary Norwak’s Farmhouse Kitchen. It’s a thick, slightly sweet, lightly spiced chutney that is excellent with roast pork, on bacon sandwiches, and […]

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Money in, money out

Two customers came to collect their butchered half sides of pork today, which meant we were £200 richer for about 15 minutes. Then I had to return to reality and head into the village. First, I had to pay the butcher for cutting up the pigs—£10 gone.

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Super-sized pig

Dolores, our most irritating but somewhat loveable Berkshire sow, was supposed to farrow three weeks ago. She was served by the boar 115 days before that, missed her cycle and filled out as expected. Four weeks ago, Dolores started nesting and tried to chase the other pigs out of the arc so we brought her […]

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