Archive | 13 June, 2008

Piglet weights

  I’ve just finished weighing and checking the Berkshire piglets. Doris delivered nine boars and five gilts with a range of sizes. In order of farrowing: Boar 1: 0.80kg Gilt 1: 1.42kg Boar 2: 1.25kg Boar 3: 1.05kg Gilt 2: 1.1kg Boar 4: 1.25kg Boar 5: 0.80kg Gilt 3: 1.20kg Boar 6: 0.80kg Gilt 4: […]

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When I checked Doris at 4.30am and again at 6am, there were no firm indications that farrowing was imminent. She was bagged up, her milk was in and she was panting, but she’d been like that for more than 48 hours so I left her to it. But when I went out to do the […]

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Doris farrowing

Doris, one of our Berkshire sows, started farrowing at 7am today. By 9.17am she’d delivered 14 healthy piglets—fortunately she has 14 teats so there’s just enough to go around.  I’ve just removed the eight biggest and/or earliest piglets to the creep with the heat lamp to give the smaller/later piglets a chance for an uninterrupted […]

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