Rabbit-proofing vegetables

Electric net fencing is an effective rabbit deterrent

As we’ve moved our field-grown vegetables out beyond the bounds of fenced fields, they’ve become much more vulnerable to rabbit damage. It’s been especially bad this year as we’re suffering a vast increase in rabbits compared with the previous four years—despite shooting a couple a day. Our neighbours are also out shooting on a daily basis but the rabbits keep on coming. Our answer was to splash out on on two more 50-metre lengths of electric netting. We already had one 50-metre length from last year but were reluctant to part with cash for more at this time. However, with the rabbits chomping their way through the onions and digging out potatoes like crazy, we had to do something. As the netting can also be used to keep pigs in (especially useful for the Turriff Show), we decided to switch money from pig housing to electric netting. We were going to buy two additional pig arcs this year, but as we had to put half the money for one arc towards the electricity bill we decided to put the remainder into electric netting. It means buying only one arc for now, but we can just about get by with that for the next six months or so. And it means the tatties and onions—plus carrots, mangels and beets—will be safe from the bunnies.

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