Archive | 23 March, 2008

Stonehead at its most impressive

If we find the weather on the cold side today with our modern clothing, cars and centrally heated houses, imagine seeing out winter and early spring without those luxuries. Several thousand years ago, the late Neolithic people did just that. They erected the Stonehead Circle and built the hillfort on Dunnideer (seen between the flankers). […]

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Fancy a walk in the country, me lurv?

I took the Other Half for a walk up to my favourite spot on the hill this afternoon. It was cold, windy and harsh. Perfect as…

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Ice road cyclists, sorry, truckers!

The boys have enjoyed watching Ice Road Truckers on television so when the Other Half and I headed out to feed the animals this afternoon, I soon found myself being urged to make an ice road. Some work with the snow shovel, squeegee and a couple of scoops of salt soon had the boys pootling […]

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Winter’s last blast?

We’ve now had three days of hail, sleet and snow, often combined with strong winds, so feeding the animals can be a little interesting as the Other Half found when she fed Daisy this morning. It’s not proper winter weather as the snow is neither deep nor lasting, but it is cold and wet.

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