Dinner preparations

Rabbit, wine, garlic and thyme
Having shot, skinned, paunched and quartered our rabbit, it was time to start preparing the meat for inclusion in our spaghetti al coniglio. I popped the quartered rabbit plus its liver, kidneys and heart in a non-reactive bowl, then pulled out a bottle of spiced potato wine, a couple of cloves of garlic and some sprigs of thyme (and yes, all ours).
The rabbit in its marinade
The garlic was peeled and quartered, then scattered around the rabbit. The thyme leaves were pulled off the stalks, bruised and coarsely chopped before being sprinkled over the topped. Then about half the bottle of wine was poured in. Lastly, I put a good grind of black pepper over the lot. On went the lid and into the refrigerator it went for a couple of hours. While the rabbit marinades, I’ll head out to do the chores.

2 Responses to “Dinner preparations”

  1. I’ll add some skinning and paunching photos to the skinning post I wrote some time ago, but not until after dinner tonight. And now to the real work again.

  2. A chef once told me that rabbit liver is fantastic, the very best kind if you like livers. Is it true?

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