Archive | 19 March, 2008

Pasta al coniglio

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, we decided to make spaghetti al coniglio for dinner using the rabbit I’d shot earlier in the day. Since then, we’ve marinated the quartered rabbit and changed the plan slightly–we had no spaghetti in the cupboard so it had to be a mix of conchiglie and penne pastas […]

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Dinner preparations

Having shot, skinned, paunched and quartered our rabbit, it was time to start preparing the meat for inclusion in our spaghetti al coniglio. I popped the quartered rabbit plus its liver, kidneys and heart in a non-reactive bowl, then pulled out a bottle of spiced potato wine, a couple of cloves of garlic and some […]

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Look Pa, it’s dinner!

The boys and I were in the kitchen discussing what to have for dinner, when we looked out the window and spotted the answer. A rabbit! I took the air rifle out, loaded it and cautiously opened the back door. Once I had the door open far enough for a clear and safe shot, I […]

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