Archive | 7 March, 2008

How to give driving lessons

I was cycling out of the village on the Kangaroo bike this morning, homeward bound after dropping the Wee ‘Un at nursery, when I was overtaken by black Vauxhall Corsa with driving school badges. The young woman driving respected my position on the road, allowed plenty of room as she overtook, and waited until she […]

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Why we do what we do…

I haven’t posted about food for a few weeks and as tonight’s dinner was a good example of why we persevere with what we, I thought I’d post a photo of it. We had roast pork from one of our Berkshire pigs, roast parsnips lifted from the garden an hour earlier, roast potatoes from our […]

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Spring is here

We’ve had the odd sunny spell over the past few months, so while it was welcome to got out to a sunshine today I didn’t think too much of it at first. It was cool and windy early on so I had to keep my woolly hat and leather gauntlets on, but as it came […]

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