Archive | 5 March, 2008

Nice one, Somerfield

British pig farmers rallied in London yesterday to draw attention to the plight of the industry, with most losing £20-30 for each pig they produce. I wondered if much would come of their rally or if anything would change, especially given that the Competition Commission believes the problem is that there are too few supermarkets. […]

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Respect is a two-way street

I was recently asked if we get religious proselytisers calling on us out here in the boonies. I can now answer in the affirmative as we had not one, but two sets of visitors today who were very keen to “save us”. I’d barely walked in the back door this morning when I heard a […]

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The Defender gets hungry for cash

I don’t get to drive the Land Rover Defender as much as I’d like these days as it’s become the Other Half’s car while I ride the trike. The problem is that I not only miss having fun at the wheel, but miss picking up problems in their early stages. The Other Half tries, but […]

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