Archive | 2 March, 2008

Two years with WordPress

I was looking through a few things in the blog stats just now, when I suddenly realised I’ve been with WordPress for two years. Well, actually it’s two years and two months, but I hadn’t noticed before today. I’d tried a couple of other blog hosts before moving to WordPress and had various personal websites […]

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Cleaning a pig pen

With two porkers coming inside for a week prior to slaughter, the Other Half and I had to get their pen in the byre cleaned and disinfected so they could move in. The pen had already been mucked out and cleaned when the last pigs moved out a month ago, but since then the wind […]

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Bloodied, but still smiling

The Wee ‘Un was helping in the front garden today, leaned forward to pick something up and toppled into the stone wall. The Other Half heard a loud thump, but initially it didn’t seem too bad as the Wee ‘Un was muttering imprecations to himself and was not unduly upset. Investigation revealed a lot of […]

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