Archive | 21 February, 2008

Broad beans

Broad beans, Vicia faba, are the only bean crop we’ve grown successfully on the croft as common beans, Phaseolus vulgaris, have invariably failed when pitted against our exposed location, harsh winds, low temperatures and short growing season. While it would give us more versatility and variety to be able to grown common beans—including french, pinto, […]

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A day for indoor work

I’ve just dashed out to feed the chickens and collect the eggs, but I didn’t dally as we’ve been experiencing moderately severe winds today. As I was coming back through the steading, which is reasonably sheltered, not only were the remaining leyllandii moving at their bases (10in thick) but the big livestock trailer was lifting […]

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Proper education

I like the underlying humour of this video, as well as the message. The Other Half could probably see some of her former inner-city students doing something like this “for a larf!”. Oh, and I’ve always liked Pink Floyd, too.

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