Archive | 3 February, 2008

Seasonal guide to eating chickens

Let’s imagine for a moment that the world is full of nutters like me, people who keep flocks of dual-purpose chickens, respect the seasonal cycle, and eat their surplus or cull birds. Now that everyone has finished laughing, I want to look at the finer points of how to use traditional breeds of poultry for […]

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Boiled chicken and vegetables

If you have an older chicken, especially one from a traditional breed, then roasting it or jointing it for use in modern dishes is generally not the best way of preparing it. An old fallback, especially for a chicken aged from nine months to about two years, is to boil it slowly with vegetables. I […]

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Cold? Nae bother…

A work colleague of the Other Half recently remarked that she was looking forward to the summer when she’d be able to let her children outside again. The OH snorted derisively when telling me this as we have no problems with the boys playing outside in almost all weathers. Even when it’s -8C, our boys […]

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Turning the every day into the extraordinary

I always enjoy a well-crafted piece of prose that manages to convey the immediacy of a situation, immerse you in the emotion of a moment, and guide you through the story without forcing you or beating you about the head. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find prose like this on the Internet and even more rare […]

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