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Busy girls

Our ISA Browns and Scots Greys may look a little peculiar at the moment, having been sprayed in a bid to end Wednesday night’s feather pecking frenzy before it becomes a habit, but they’re certainly performing. When I fed them this early morning, I checked the nest boxes and there wasn’t an egg to be […]

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Why you should avoid a Wetherspoons pub

Bendy Girl had a very bad experience at a Wetherspoons pub where the manager harassed, intimidated and humiliated her in front of the clientele. Bad enough, you might think, but even worse for someone who was in a spot of bother, needed understanding and help (on her own terms), and whose friends were trying to […]

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Fancy a workout?

From the middle of February through to early May I spend at least two hours a day digging or hoeing. With 19 large vegetable beds, two half acre fields, a quarter acre field and an assortment of herb beds, soft fruit beds and young trees to prepare for the growing season, there’s a lot to […]

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Get lost, Pa!

I’ve been working outside in the cold and the wind for a couple of hours while the boys lounged around inside, so I thought I’d give them a nice cuddle when I came in. Their response? “Get lost, Pa! You’re a stinky minger.”

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‘People can’t just change their lifestyles’

One of the most prevalent excuses put forward when I suggest that people can cut their car use is that “most people can’t just change their lifestyles”. Apparently, the argument goes that people need their cars to get to work, to transport their children most conveniently, to get to the shops, to entertain themselves, and […]

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