Archive | 28 January, 2008

The “making” present

The Other Half gives the boys a small present each on the mornings of their birthdays, while my present to them is the “making” present. This time around, with the Wee ‘Un getting too big for the toddler seat on their climbing frame, we dug deep and bought them a new swing as a shared […]

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Happy birthday

The Wee ‘Un, or perhaps now the Big Wee ‘Un, had his birthday today and, as requested, was served up pasta with meat sauce and a very, very big cake with French vanilla cream, strawberry jam, and vanilla butter icing. I think I can safely say that he enjoyed it enormously.

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“I’ll have that!”

Delilah, one of our Berkshire sows, found a good spot to root around in and have a munch. Graham promptly decided her spot was better than his, and moved her on. And yes, she is in pig. (QuickTime movie.)

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