Wacky Wizard and Demon Duck head out for the night

Wacky Wizard and Demon Duck head out to do their All Hallow’s Eve turns for the neighbours and earn their treats. As Demon Duck told me, very seriously, “he’s a duck with vampire teeth and red eyes but he just looks scary, really he’s quite nice and you shouldn’t be too scared!” Anyway, after singing Three Blind Mice and Incy Wincy Spider, then reciting Today I Saw A Little Worm and The Tickle Rhyme, Wacky Wizard and Demon Duck received a treat of sweets – and even saved one for me. A good time was had by all.

PS Thanks to Jane and Douglas for the duck costume – the Wee Lad loves it. 

2 Responses to “Spooky!”

  1. Veeerrry scary! Sounds like lots of fun.

  2. We really like the way Americanisation, globalisation and consumerisation hasn’t fully wiped out the last vestiges of the traditional Scottish celebrations.

    However, it’s definitely under threat as the US-style consumer Halloween is taking over. According to the Times, “spending on costumes, props and sweets has risen tenfold in six years. In 2001, spending was £14 million; this year so far, it is a record £140 million.”

    That’s a lot of plastic tat, one-use junk items and sweets.

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