Piglets for sale – again

obody want me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go and eat porridge

Yet another buyer has changed their mind and so we now have three birth-notified Berkshire weaner gilts for sale again. When I spoke to the buyer a fortnight ago, it was all on but when we came home this evening there was message on the voicemail saying they’d had a change of situation and no longer wanted their gilt. Argh! That’s the fourth person to cancel or change their order from this litter – and it happens with every litter.

Dinner time for gang

We’ve had the “drop your price to £10″ approach, the “I can’t keep pigs as my cholesterol is too high” excuse, the “my circumstances have changed” excuse and the “I’m not quite ready after all” excuse. Can people please be bloody honest up front and say “can I look at your pigs without buying a single one of the them” or say “I’m a total bloody fantasist so you can you just indulge me for half an hour”? Of course they can’t. They have to be typically British and tell you what they think you want to hear, then hurriedly and embarrassedly back out of the commitment they’ve made. It happens all the time, but it’s a serious problem when we need the cash from the pigs to pay bills and we need the pigs gone to cut the feed bill. So does anyone else honestly want from one to three weaners, available from Saturday, 10 November? And don’t piss me around or I’ll tear the next fantasist timewaster’s head off.

11 Responses to “Piglets for sale – again”

  1. And yes, this is probably not the best way to sell three pigs but we now have to spend more money on re-advertising them in the paper, we now have to find more buyers, and there’s a chance we’ll have to feed them beyond November 10/11. So I’m well hacked off – again!

  2. Mind you Stoney, I suppose it could just about be someone whose Discovery’s broken down or something? (heh heh)

  3. Hmm, I suppose all four buyers could have had Discoveries that have broken down. And I suppose the people that did it with the last litter could have too. And the ones who tried it with the litter before that could have broken down Discos as well.

    It sounds a bit unlikely though, but I suppose there’s always a chance that more than a dozen Discoveries did in fact break down! :D

  4. mummys little angel Reply 1 November, 2007 at 07:46

    It’s maddening!

    Do you ask them for a deposit, a non refundable deposit? If not might be worth thinking about as those who are not entirely serious won’t cough up and those that do should complete the sale more readily.

    Worth a try.

  5. We’ve only had three people prepared to pay deposits across all the litters we’ve sold. People simply will not pay deposits – “we don’t know who you are”, “you could take off with the money”, “you could sell the pigs to someone else” etc etc.

    We give receipts both for deposts and on sale, while we’re hardly likely to disappear when the croft is fixed in place.

    If we only sold to people who paid deposits, we’d sell almost no pigs at all.

  6. On the bright side…. Would you really have wanted your beautiful pigs to have gone to unreliable people who might have treated the animals with the same contempt which they have loaded onto you?

    Good luck with the new adverts!

  7. People say “yes, we want two good quality weaners” around X date, so we time the serving of the sow so we’ll have piglets ready within a week or two of that time.

    Then, we telephone and confirm everything when the sow has farrowed. Then we confirm again at four to six weeks old with the expectation the weaners will be collected around nine weeks of age (weaned around nine to 10 weeks, one week to check they’re okay on entirely solids and then off).

    We also have to balance the desires of many different people, so I spend a lot of time working the number of boars and gilts into batches that fit the available buyers. Some people only want gilts, some only boars, some a mix, some want even numbers, some want odd.

    It takes a lot of phoning and negotiating to get all the weaners assigned, with us taking the remaining one or two.

    Then, a week or two (sometimes even a day) before collection, people start changing their minds, wanting the price dropped, wanting different combinations of pigs, wanting different numbers, cancelling their order entirely.

    I’d tell a lot of them to sod off (and actually do) but I have to be careful not to be left with a lot of unsold pigs. So, that’s when I have to hand off negotiations to the more tactful and diplomatic OH. She’s had the British stiff upper lip and politeness training (and is more tactful than I to boot), so she can be politely annoyed without actually calling it as it is. As I’ve said before, she’s the Sales and Marketing Department!!

  8. Uncle Stoney, your piglets are cute and funny. We like porridge too and so do your piggies. From Melanie and Katie-Rose.

  9. are these miniature pigs???

  10. how much?!

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