Archive | 29 October, 2007

Might you be waiting to be found out?

One of my favourite websites is monday9am, which presents “short films… that do something”. Normally, I find them interesting, challenging, provocative or even funny, but today’s film was very, very close to the bone. Some of the analogies were so spot on, it made the hairs on my neck rise and I completely understood the […]

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Scots Greys

I’ve written fairly often about our Berkshire pigs, a breed that is to be found on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watchlist because of its vulnerable status. What I haven’t done recently is look at our poultry, or more correctly our Scots Greys chickens. The Berkshire pig is vulnerable because there are only 300 or […]

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Propped up at last

Tracy Greaves of TLG Builders of Natural Stone is no slouch. She popped over on Sunday to recheck the damaged wall with one of her masons and to promise action with the wall. Sure enough, today I had the insurers grovelling and apologising profusely on the phone, while two masons came over to brace the […]

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