Archive | 23 October, 2007

Still lifting potatoes…

The last two weeks of October in this part of Scotland are know as the Tattie Holidays. In years gone by, children had two weeks off to help their parents lift potatoes on the family farm. The name lingers on, but the tradition of working your children from dawn to dusk has sadly fallen by […]

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A pleasant autumn day

It’s not always wet, overcast, windy and cold on the croft. Today, it was dry, sunny, windy and cold which made for a very pleasant autumn day. A neighbouring farmer’s sheep are visiting for a couple of months and they seemed to enjoy the day as much as we did.

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Need your libido fixed?

Yes, that’s why someone visited the blog yesterday – they googled “how do I fix my labido”. In the past, I’ve used the blog to describe various Land Rover repairs, talk about getting an old Lister engine running and describe how to assemble a bike, but no one has wanted me to fix their libido […]

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Don’t they see the connection?

The UK Government is apparently planning to drop its renewable energy targets, while working more closely with governments sceptical about climate change to dilute European targets. At the same time, the Government is planning what is described as “radical action” to reverse the epidemic of obesity and tackle similar ills caused by “excess consumption”. One […]

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