Daisy settles in

Daisy enjoys her first breakfast on the croft

Daisy, our new Berkshire sow, has settled in quickly to life on the croft and has spent the morning “chatting” to Graham, our boar, in his pen to one side of her and Delilah and her piglets to the other.

Daisy’s a nice looking Berkshire

Daisy, or Dittisham Suzanne to user her registered name, was bred by Sue Fildes in Devon from Peverell Suzanne 4, which has enjoyed show success, and sired by Caumpedene Peter Lad 13, also from a show winning herd. She’s 19 months old and has already had one litter of nine piglets while owned by Linda and Graham of the Bidgiemire Pig Company. Her dam had two litters of 10-10 in 2006. We’re hoping the quality and fecundity of the lines will carry through for us.

Delilah’s piglets eye their new neighbour

Daisy is in pig to Dittisham Ambassador 7, an excellent boar owned by Linda and Graham, and also bred by Sue Fildes in Devon. We’re hoping to get a high quality boar off Daisy to give us two different boar lines, as well as carry over the top qualities that Sue has been breeding in her pigs. Pigs from Sue’s herd have won numerous county shows while pork from one picked up the Soil Association’s Organic Pork Award 2004.

3 Responses to “Daisy settles in”

  1. Welcome Daisy, look forward to seeing your babies( lots, i hope)

  2. shes a babe and it will be exciting when the piglets arrive – hope theres lots of boar babies for you to choose your stud boar from!

  3. She looks a beauty.
    Sara from farmingfriends

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