Archive | 8 October, 2007

My pig is farrowing – what do I do?

One of the consequences of keeping pigs for breeding in a highly visible location, blogging about it on the web, and posting on forums is that I’m often asked questions about livestock handling, husbandry and management. Many of the questions that have come up of late are variations on the theme of “My pig is […]

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The peasants are revolting!

I was pedalling the trike home from the village this morning when I was flagged down by a motorist with a posh English accent who warned me “a horde of peasants” was blocking the road. I was intrigued and asked if he was sure. He looked at me like I was a moron and said […]

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Bend nearly claims another one…

I was out feeding the pigs at 7.10am today when I heard yet another driver hammering his car along the road towards us and that bend. It was clear this driver really was pushing on, so I looked up with plenty of time to watch as a silver Citroen Saxo – with blacked out windows, […]

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