Every brewer needs an assistant

The Wee ‘Un racks off the potato wine

The spiced potato wine was ready to be racked off for its second fermentation today, and who better to do the job than the Chief Assistant Master Brewer, aka the Wee ‘Un. It takes quite a while for the wine to drain from one vat to another, but the Wee ‘Un loves the job so much he stands there happily singing until the racking is complete.

Mind you, some adults are a little taken aback when the Wee ‘Un starts talking to them about making beer and wine, telling them how yeast turns sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide – “it’s gas that makes stuff like beer go fizz and if you’re not careful, it makes bottles go bang!”. He’s also very good at explaining how yeast makes bread “go up and up and up” because the gas makes holes in the dough. Not bad for a four-year-old!

2 Responses to “Every brewer needs an assistant”

  1. A science lesson at home. You can’t get much better! My kids used to tell everyone that daddy made wine “and he gets drunk!”

  2. Doing a good job there, Wee’un.

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