Archive | 4 September, 2007

Farrowing in progress

Delilah started delivering her piglets around 8.00pm and by 8.50pm had farrowed seven live ones.We had a long delay until another live one arrived at 9.50pm, quickly followed by one that wasn’t breathing. I quickly cleared its airway, gave it a couple of swings and then blew into its mouth.

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Are you Stonehead?

I’d just returned from taking the boys to the youngest’s swimming lessons and was unfastening their seatbelts, when I caught a glimpse of a car passing behind the Land Rover. Suddenly, the driver hit the brakes, sliding the car in the loose gravel before abruptly coming to a halt. If I had not had the […]

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One of the bugbears of crofting, farming or running a smallholding is the amount of paperwork required to meet all manner of government regulations – often with the same information having to be presented in different ways depending on who sees it. I have to set aside at least a full day a month to […]

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