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What’s that you’re eating?

The Other Half and I were working in the vegetable patch this morning, when a pair of young pigeons alighted in the sitka spruce. When it was clear they intended to ignore us, I sneaked inside and returned with the air rifle, bagging one with a head shot. And as the boys were waiting for […]

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More sunshine

  The sun came out again today and while it was all work for some of us, our Berkshire weaners thought it was a great opportunity to display their pig stacking technique.

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Another chow-chow

I had an early start today as I had a batch of chow-chow to prepare followed by a batch of pickled carrots. The chow-chow used a slightly different recipe to the batch I made a couple of days ago, and is both sweeter and spicier. It’s a combination of three different US recipes so the […]

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You either quit or you do this…

Instead of asking me why I quit office work to be a swineherd, watch this video. It’s either quit or go mental….

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Sunshine equals hard work

The sun came out today, a rare event in this part of Scotland this year, which meant we joined the farmers in working from dawn to dusk to get the seasonal jobs done. With breakfast, the day’s baking and the usual chores out of the way, we started by clearing one of the vegetable beds […]

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