We’ve had a number of buyers lined up for our litter of 10 birth-notified Berkshire piglets for some weeks now, with one of them confirming they’d take two for £40 each last night.

But today, at 6.45am, the phone rang and it was the buyer’s wife.

She said they weren’t prepared to pay £40 each, that she’d written down £30 each and they wanted them for that price now.

I said we would never have told them £30 each as we sell cross-bred weaners for £30-35, birth-notified Berkshire weaners for £40 and registered Berkshire weaners for upwards of £40 depending on their quality.

I also pointed out that the other buyers were paying £40 for birth notified Berkshires.

But she said they now felt £40 was too expensive and would only pay £30 each for the weaners.

Now, I really do not like people who pull stunts like this and I especially don’t like people who do it over the phone before 7am in the morning while I still have children asleep in bed.

So, I told her exactly that, and said we’d find other buyers before putting the phone down.

This is not the first time we’ve had someone try this – it happens fairly frequently with people going back on their word to buy something at a particular price, whether it be weaners, pork, lamb or anything else.


I’d been having a nice morning up to that point, getting jobs done and just enjoying the early morning quiet.

Now, I’m just bloody annoyed.

8 Responses to “People!”

  1. How bad mannered!

    Not only because they rang so early but also to try and bargain after the a verbal contract had been struck

  2. welshgirlsallotment Reply 4 May, 2007 at 09:37

    I hate people who think that they can try and screw somebody else – she obviously knew they were £40 as otherwise she would not have rung you to barter – you did the right thing tell her to bugger off – tell your other buyers and they may buy the other pigs !
    I hope the day gets better

  3. It was definitely a try on. When I spoke to the bloke last night, he’s a farmer who breeds pedigree Highland cattle, he said “they’re £40 each, aren’t they”. I said yes. He wanted to know if I was interested in a part swap for straw or oats, but as we need to pay a few bills ASAP I said no, cash please.

    Then his wife tried it on this morning. I told the Other Half I suspect it’s something they’ve done before by the way the conversation went.

    It’s extremely annoying as we’ll now have to pay to advertise the weaners and have to wait a few more days before paying the bills.

  4. How rude!! Some people want a kicking!!

  5. brightfeather Reply 4 May, 2007 at 20:22

    My husband and I have run into these kind of people too. They can be maddening. However, The best line to take with them is not to give in and compromise on a price that’s already fair.

  6. And make sure you remember their number and mark them down as timewasters and cheapskates for next time. If £40 is what they’re worth you’ll get it in time….!

  7. Following on from this, it never ceases to amaze me how the more open you are about the way you do things, the more people suspect you’re up to something.

    All the details of our pigs, their prices, how we rear them, how we feed them, how we house them, how we worm them and more can be found on this website.

    All the information, going back to when we first started with pigs on the croft, is categorised under “pigs” and most of the information can be found even more quickly by using the Pigs page as a starting point.

    And for people who still find that hard to believe, then please feed free to find someone else to buy weaners from.

  8. I think a fair price for a fair product is, well, fair! It’s one of the problems with ‘western’ lifestyles’ – so many people wanting so much for so little. Mind you, it kind of works two ways. I wanted some’beauty treatmentss’ from someone who was doing it from home. When I asked how much the salon was charging, I said I thought she was too cheap, even allowing for the lack of shop overheads. I was prepared to pay more – I got some odd looks after that…

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