Archive | 27 November, 2006

Computer running costs

Having just boiled the kettle and made myself a cup of tea (using 0.04kWh at a cost of a third of a penny), I thought I’d do some more calculations while enjoying my drink. And what better to analyse than the cost of running the computer for a year. I have an Apple Mac G4 […]

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Update on the expectant mum

Delilah, the expectant Berkshire gilt, is now vast and bagging up, which usually happens only a day or two before the piglets are due. Bagging up is the term used to describe when the pig’s udders drop and can be seen hanging between its back legs. Delilah is not producing milk yet, but her udders […]

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Can we build it?

The Wee ‘Un is always keen to lend a hand when I’m working and today was no exception. I was filling the end of a retaining wall with boulders, so he had to bring some through with his wagon.

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Just hanging out

While the Wee ‘Un and I were working this morning, we noticed the 15-week-old Scots Grey chicks were idling around their box like teenagers hanging around a bus stop. The only things missing were a couple of swiftly hidden cigarettes and a can or two of cheap cider…

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